Lawyers on the Line

Every week a panel of experts will take your legal questions about topics ranging from Family Law and Worker’s Compensation, to Bankruptcy and Estate Planning. Sometimes life happens, leaving you in need of legal advice. In the best case you know a little something about what CAN happen before it DOES happen. Tune in every week for a short course on legal issues ranging from automobile injury claims to social security, premises claims to the art of the courtroom, it’s all on Lawyers on the Line.

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Schedule for 2015

  • 04.02.2015 Public Defender System
  • 04.09.2015 Legal Aid and Volunteer Attorney Program
  • 04.16.2015 Workers' Compensation
  • 04.23.2015 Automobile Collisions
  • 04.30.2015 Premises Liability
  • 05.07.2015 Family Law
  • 05.14.2015 Estate Planning
  • 05.21.2015 Social Security
  • 05.28.2015 Bankruptcy and Foreclosures