WDSE WRPT Nominated for Nine Midwestern Emmy Awards

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The Upper Midwest Regional Emmy® Awards announced this week nominations for its 23rd annual ceremony. WDSE•WRPT received 9 Emmy® nominations.

“We are so pleased to have such a variety of productions recognized by the Academy for the excellent work that takes place daily at WDSE,” said Patricia Mester, President and General Manager of WDSE•WRPT. “The efforts and commitment from our staff have provided amazing results for the communities we serve. Whether it’s a weekly production like Alamac North, a special such as the Beargrease Sled Dog Race coverage, a different take on history with Minnesota Historia, or a show such as Intersections which provides enriching and inspiring stories celebrating the human spirit in our communities, they all are meaningful. As the region’s storytellers, we know we have a responsibility to tell a story with more depth, thoughtfulness, and sometimes playfulness, than a viewer may find elsewhere.” 

WDSE WRPT’s nominations are listed below. To view a complete list of all nominees, visit midwestemmys.org.

WDSE•WRPT Emmy® Award Nominations:

Documentary – Cultural
Iron Opera

Special Event Coverage
John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon Coverage

Public Affairs Program
Almanac North 

Entertainment – Short Form Content
Minnesota Historia – The Legend of St. Urho

Entertainment – Long Form Content
Northern Rhythms

Minnesota Historia – Hunting for Ancient Agates

Historical/Cultural/Nostalgic – Short Form Content
Minnesota Historia – Root Beer Lady 

Diversity/Equity/Inclusion – Short Form Content
Almanac North – Black Lives Matter Swimmer

Diversity/Equity/Inclusion – Long Form Content
Intersections – Vern Northrup, Kaitlyn Walsh, and Natasha Kingbird

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