Great Minnesota Recipe: Season 2 Casting Call

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The Great Minnesota Recipe is a four-part series from WDSE that explores the unique family and culinary backgrounds of three cooks from across the state. 

Episode One, Two, & Three 

In the first three episodes we visit our cooks in their homes, learn about their upbringing, and what food means to them. The cooks share their favorite and most treasured recipes and discuss how the recipes have changed over time and adapted to Minnesota’s unique climate and resources. 

Episode Four 

In the final episode, our cooks come together for a competition where they’ll be put to the test, and where we’ll name the next winner of The Great Minnesota Recipe. 

This season the cooks will start the competition by presenting the judges with a dish that perfectly expresses their family background and showcases their culinary skills. 

Then, the cooks will go head-to-head to create their own unique take on a family-style dinner’s main course. They’ll be put to the test to create a brand-new recipe in hopes of being named the next winner of The Great Minnesota Recipe. 


Are you or someone you know an excellent home cook? Someone who isn’t a pro, but could be one? Do you have a unique family story that you think should be told? We’d love to meet you! 

Production for Season 2 of The Great Minnesota Recipe will begin in late Fall 2022 and continue into Spring 2023. The season will air in the Summer of 2023. 

You must be available for 2 days of filming in and around your home, hometown, and any other important places in your life between November 2022 and April 2023. 

You must be available for 2 days of filming for the competition in or near Duluth, MN between January 2023, and March 2023. Lodging will be provided for cooks living more than 50 miles away from the filming location.


To apply, please submit your information by filling out the basic application form below! 

Any Questions?

If you have questions, please ask us!  Send an email to with the subject line “SEASON 2 CASTING.” 

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